FB9 Philologie

Book Studio Pamphlet Construction / Destruction Workshop (1/2)

by Ellen Barth, Evelyn Heinz




This practical pamphlet construction/destruction workshop invites participants to engage with the book as both symbol and surface. We will learn how to construct a simple DIY pamphlet and then – taking our cue from modernist poet Mina Loy’s text Auto-Facial-Construction and German Dadaist Hannah Höch’s collage portraits – collaboratively develop strategies for creative deconstruction to deface, efface or face-lift each other’s work. Combining traditional book making techniques with the creatively destructive logic of the Wreck This Journal, this workshop offers a fun and interactive way to explore the materiality of the book.

The workshop comprises two 120-minute sessions from 2 to 4pm on June 25 and July 9. Participants must be able to take part in both sessions.

The workshop will be conducted over zoom but since the workshop materials will be sent through the post, participants must be based in Germany.

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Organized by

Ellen Barth and Dr. Evi Heinz