28 June 2021 to 1 July 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Time scales in multiscale dynamics of droplets on switchable substrates

1 Jul 2021, 10:45



Moritz Stieneker (Institute of Theoretical Physics)


The dynamics of droplets on switchable substrates is an interplay of multiple time scales calling for a multiscale theoretical modelling. We combine a microscopic Molecular Dynamics model (MD) and a mesoscopic thin film model (TF) to investigate detailed changes in the contact region in the MD model, while simultaneously analyzing long sterm stabilities of pattern analytically in the context of the lubrication approximation described by the TF model. Using the dimensionless version of both models, the time scales can then be determined using experimentally measure quantities like the viscosity or the surface tension. However, for quantitative comparisons such a time scale mapping would not be accurate enough due to the uncertainties of the relevant quantities. Instead we matched the profiles from both MD and TF models and obtained the relation between the time scales. In this talk we introduce this general procedure and discuss the alternative possibility to use measure characteristic times within both models.

Primary authors

Moritz Stieneker (Institute of Theoretical Physics) Leon Topp (Institute of Physical Chemistry) Svetlana Gurevich (Institute of Theoretical Physics) Andreas Heuer (Institute of Physical Chemistry)

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