SHARP 2021: Moving Texts

from Monday, 26 July 2021 (08:55) to Friday, 30 July 2021 (23:59)

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26 Jul 2021
27 Jul 2021
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30 Jul 2021
5-1-5 Session -Prof. Corinna Norrick-Rühl (English Department, Chair of Book Studies) (until 10:00) ()
09:00 Moving Texts: Samizdat from Discovery to Delivery [CANCELED] - Polly Mukanova (University of Library Studies and Information Technologies)   ()
09:05 Travelling manuscripts in an early modern knowledge network: The library of the Sufi brotherhood al-Nāṣirīya in Tamgrūt, Morocco - Natalie Kraneiß   ()
09:10 The production and transregional trade of printed textbooks in early modern Louvain - Dieter Cammaerts (KU Leuven)   ()
09:15 From Small Books to Great Works: Cheap Print and the Making of the Anglo-American Literary Canon, 1660-1860 - Tielke Uvin   ()
09:20 New Concepts of Authorship in a Digital Media Society? - Madeleine Span   ()
10:00 --- BREAK ---
5-1-5 Session - Bill Bell (Cardiff University/Goettingen University) (until 11:30) ()
10:30 Terrorist attacks against publishing houses and bookstore during the Franco’s regime. - Ms Carlota Álvarez Maylín (CSIC - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas.)   ()
10:35 'No Place for Black Children': The Brownies' Book and the Black Child Citizen - Katie Taylor (Liverpool John Moores University)   ()
10:40 The Socio-Political Role of Trade Publishing in the USA and Germany: A Transatlantic Comparison of the Field - Lena Boetius   ()
10:45 The Queer Woman Reader, 1790-1939 - Charley Matthews (University of Edinburgh)   ()
10:50 Representations of Law in Australian Women’s Writing and Book Culture 2009-2019 - Caitlin Parker (The University of Melbourne)   ()
11:30 --- BREAK ---
09:00 Books and Publishing in Contemporary Australia: Case Studies of Two Marginalised Literary Forms [ROOM Y] - Mark Davis Emmett Stinson (Deakin University) Per Henningsgaard (Curtin University)   ()
09:00 Of Moving Books and Knowledge Workers: Informal Intermediaries in Literary Networks of the Nineteenth to Early Twentieth Centuries [ROOM C] - Dr A. Elisabeth Reichel (Universität Osnabrück) Evi Heinz Fenja Heisig (Universität Osnabrück)   ()
10:00 --- BREAK ---
10:15 Complicating the Contemporary Literary Prize [ROOM C] - Stevie Marsden (University of Derby) Christina Neuwirth (University of Stirling) Dr Melinda Harvey (Monash University) Dr Alex Dane (University of Melbourne)   ()
11:45 --- BREAK ---
09:00 Literary production by “Displaced Persons” in Australia: The cases of Ukrainian and Polish writing [ROOM C] - Dr Beth le Roux Sonia Mycak (Australian National University) Dr Katarzyna Williams (Australian National University)   ()
09:00 Perspectives on 19th-Century Book History [ROOM Y] - Kamilla Aslaksen (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences Search) Corinna Norrick-Rühl (English Department, Chair of Book Studies) Jocelyn Hargrave (The University of Melbourne)   ()
10:00 --- BREAK ---
10:30 The Ullapoolism Time Machine: Travels Through Periodicity in Book History [ROOM C] - Dr Shafquat Towheed (The Open University) Dr Beth Driscoll (University of Melbourne) Prof. Claire Squires (University of Stirling)   ()
10:30 Unauthorized Reproduction and Knowledge Diffusion [ROOM Y] - Mr Jeonghun Choi (Harvard University) Dr Margie Borschke (Macquarie University) Susan Pickford   ()
11:30 --- BREAK ---
Plenary session - Per Henningsgaard (Curtin University) (until 10:30) ()
09:00 New Research Directions for Book History in Australia - Dr Beth Driscoll (University of Melbourne) Dr Per Henningsgaard (Curtin University) Dr Mark Davis (University of Melbourne) Dr Anna Welch (State Library of Victoria) Julia Rodwell (Australian National University) Kenna MacTavish (University of Melbourne) Ms Claire Parnell (University of Melbourne)   ()
09:00 Publishing Contracts in Motion: an exploration of the actual and the unknown [ROOM Y] - Dr Laura-Jane Maher Ms Chiara Bullen (University of Stirling) Ms Katherine Day (University of Melbourne)   ()
09:00 The Rise of Subscription-Based Book Streaming Services [ROOM C] - Simone Murray (Monash University) Dr Karl Berglund (Uppsala University) Dr Ann Steiner (Uppsala University, Sweden)   ()
10:00 --- BREAK ---
10:30 Feminist Publications in Movement: Developing a Model for a Feminist Publishing Circuit [ROOM C] - Bec Wonders (Glasgow School of Art) Gail Chester (Independent) Prof. Wangui wa Goro (King's College London) Jodie Martire (The University of Queensland) Magda Oldziejewska (University of Essex)   ()
11:30 --- BREAK ---
5-1-5 Session - Evi Heinz (until 13:00) ()
12:00 Initial Dissemination of Safedian Jewish Mystical Literature in Italy - Eugene Matanky (Tel Aviv University)   ()
12:05 The Things We Do with Bookshelves: Books, Bookshelves, and Bookish Activities in Contemporary Book Culture - Emily Baulch (The University of Queensland)   ()
12:10 Behind the red and the green: the creation, production and early reception of the Loeb Classical Library - Mirte Liebregts   ()
12:15 Mapping the emotions of readers from large corpora of testimonies: a case study of a selected corpus of letters of applicants to the popular jury of the Prix di Livre Inter (2010) - Elena Prat   ()
12:00 Moving Texts across Oceans: the Materiality of Writing and Reading at Sea - Dr Jimmy Packham (University of Birmingham) Dr Susann Liebich (Heidelberg University) Dr Laurence Publicover (Bristol University)   ()
13:00 --- BREAK ---
5-1-5 Session - Marlena Tronicke (until 15:00) ()
14:00 Reading, Libraries, and Political Participation in the Age of Reform - Joshua Smith (University of Stirling)   ()
14:05 ‘New Boxes Come Across the Sea’: Exploring the Transnational Victorian Library - Ms Stephanie Meek (University of Exeter)   ()
14:10 A Study of Nineteenth-Century Irish Women Writers and their Literary and Publishing Networks (1857-1900) - Geraldine Brassil (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick)   ()
14:15 Serial (Re)Production and Disruption in Colonial Periodical Fiction - Sarah Galletly (University College Dublin)   ()
14:20 Modeling the Magazine: Tracing Environmental Writing in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals - Brady Krien (University of iowa)   ()
5-1-5 Session - Marija Dalbello (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, NJ, USA) (until 15:00) ()
14:00 Defining the Industrial Book: Print Cultures and Material Agencies in Britain, 1814–1855” - Elizabeth Shand (UNC-Chapel Hill)   ()
14:05 Matthew Parker and Print as Censorship - Harry Spillane (University of Cambridge)   ()
14:10 The Image between Manuscript and Print: re-reading the 'printing revolution' - Anna de Bruyn (University of Groningen)   ()
14:15 Submitted to a Candid World - Emily Sneff   ()
14:20 Literary Estates and Textual Transmission - Alec Pollak (Cornell University)   ()
14:00 ‘Copies’ in motion in early modern London [ROOM C] - Ian Gadd Ms Karen Waring (Bath Spa University) Mr Joe Saunders (University of York)   ()
15:00 --- BREAK ---
5-1-5 Session - Michael Mason (WWU Münster, GSPoL) (until 16:30) ()
15:30 Authorship and Publishing Online: Investigating Authority, Authenticity and Legitimacy on Archive of Our Own and Wattpad - Tanvi Mohile (University of Alberta)   ()
15:35 Reconstructing Formal Poetic Elements in Early Web-Based Poetry - Nathan Graham   ()
15:40 Rekindling Tradition: Fight Books, Digital Archives, & Heritage in Historical European Martial Arts - Christopher Walsh (Rutgers University)   ()
15:45 Challenging the Book Launch during COVID19 - Klara du Plessis (Concordia University)   ()
15:50 Cardcaptor Sakura and the History of the Book: A Print and Digital History of Manga Publishing from the 1990s through Today - Victoria Rahbar (Stanford University)   ()
5-1-5 Session - Marija Dalbello (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, NJ, USA) (until 16:30) ()
15:30 “Gadding from Country to Country”: John Wolfe’s False Imprints at the Frankfurt Book Fair - Rhonda Sharrah (University of California, Los Angeles)   ()
15:35 Whose Library is this Anyways?: The Australian Subscription Library and the Development of Public Consciousness in 19th Century Sydney - Brittani Ivan   ()
15:40 “Yes, this is my album”: Victorian Collections of Scraps, Signatures, and Seaweed (digital exhibit, February 2021) - Elizabeth Bassett (University of British Columbia)   ()
15:45 Zawaya Magazine (1989–1990): A Real-time Portrait of the Arab World as perceived from the Editors’ Parisian Exile - Lara Balaa (Rutgers University)   ()
15:50 Community archives, counter narratives, and biased racial history: the Crown Heights and Los Angeles riots in the archive and beyond - Julie Aromi (Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information)   ()
15:30 The Impermanent Book in Early Modern England [ROOM C] - Georgina Wilson (University of Cambridge) Dr Anna Reynolds (University of St Andrews) James Misson   ()
16:30 --- BREAK ---
Plenary session - Corinna Norrick-Rühl (English Department, Chair of Book Studies) (until 19:00) ()
17:00 Conference Opening and Words of Welcome [Room C] - Prof. Corinna Norrick-Rühl (English Department, Chair of Book Studies) Will Slauter (Sorbonne Université) Dr Brenna Greer (Wellesley College)   ()
17:30 Opening Keynote: Mobilizing Texts and the Fight for Black Life [ROOM C] - Dr Brenna Greer (Wellesley College)   ()
19:00 --- BREAK ---
19:30 Book Piracy [ROOM M] - Dr Balázs Bodó (University of Amsterdam) Dr Rachel Noorda (Portland State University) Dr Kathi Inman Berens (Portland State University) Dr Nora Slonimsky (Iona College)   ()
19:30 How to Read Digital Book Formats, and Why [ROOM Y] - Ellen Forget (University of Toronto) Alan Galey (University of Toronto) John Maxwell (Simon Fraser University)   ()
19:30 On Libraries and Bookshops: Rethinking Spaces of the Book [ROOM C] - Jessica Jordan (Stanford University) Nicola Wilson (University of Reading) Matthew Chambers (University of Warsaw)   ()
20:30 --- BREAK ---
21:00 Imperfect Reading [ROOM M] - Dr Emma Rhatigan (Sheffield University) Dr Alice Leonard (Coventry University) Dr Erica McAlpine (Oxford University) Prof. Abigail Williams (Oxford University) Dr Michael Edson (University of Wyoming)   ()
21:00 Print/Digital Thresholds [ROOM C] - Simone Murray (Monash University) Matthew Kirschenbaum (University of Maryland) Prof. Lisa Gitelman (New York University)   ()
21:00 Talking Books: Biblioforensics and Object Auto/Biographies [ROOM Y] - Dr Sydney Shep (Victoria University of Wellington ) Dr Leslie Howsam (University of Windsor & Ryerson University) Ms Anna-Lujz Gilbert (University of Exeter)   ()
12:00 From W.H. Smith to Gay's the Word: Selling, censoring and regulating the queer book in Britain from the 1960s to the 1980s [ROOM C] - Amy Tooth Murphy (Royal Holloway, University of London) Dr Sarah Pyke (Institute of English Studies, University of London) Christopher Adams (Institute of English Studies, University of London)   ()
12:00 Transnational communities of mediation: Anglo-Italian literary flows in the 19th and 20th centuries [ROOM Y] - Dr Mila Milani (University of Warwick) Dr Federica Coluzzi (University of Warwick) Dr Valentina Abbatelli (University of Warwick) Mrs Anna Lanfranchi (University of Manchester)   ()
13:00 --- BREAK ---
14:00 @readers #currentlyreading in digital environments 2: Prizes, Authority, Self-Publishing [ROOM Y] - Claire Parnell (University of Melbourne) Ms Laura Bousquet (Université Lumière Lyon 2, and Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) Prof. DeNel Rehberg Sedo (Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada) Ms Lore De Greve (Ghent University, Belgium)   ()
14:00 Parallel book trajectories: a comparative perspective of New Delhi and Mexico City [ROOM C] - Andrea Reyes Elizondo (Leiden University) Ms Kanupriya Dhingra (SOAS, University of London) Alexandra Wingate (Indiana University Bloomington)   ()
14:00 The Iranian literary field after the Islamic Revolution: a roundtable [ROOM M] - Mehdy Sedaghat Payam (University of Maryland ) Laetitia Nanquette (University of New South Wales) Olszewska Zuzanna (University of Oxford) Amy Motlagh (UC Davis)   ()
15:00 --- BREAK ---
15:15 Extrinsic Evidence: Supplementary Approaches to Physical Bibliography [ROOM Y] - Shalmi Barman (University of Virginia) Michael Vanhoose (University of Virginia) James Ascher (University of Virginia)   ()
Networking and socializing -Dr Beth le Roux Ellen Barth (until 16:15) ()
15:15 World Literature as Book History [ROOM C] - Anna Muenchrath (Appalachian State University) Dr Joanna Maciulewicz (Adam Mickiewicz University) Dr Evan Brier (University of Minnesota Duluth)   ()
16:15 --- BREAK ---
16:30 Circulation and Consequence: Printers, Presses, and Their Influence on Community [ROOM Y] - Dr E. Haven Hawley (University of Florida) Dr Robert Riter (The University of Alabama) Dr Katherine Ruffin (Wellesley College)   ()
16:30 SHARP Copyright History Research Lab 2 [ROOM C] - Sonali Misra (University of Stirling) Roberto Caso (University of Trento) Petra Pohlmann (University of Muenster) Will Slauter (Sorbonne Université) Brent Salter (Stanford Center for Law and History) Giulia Dore (University of Trento)   ()
17:00 Made to Move: Small-format print and its uses in nineteenth-century West Africa and the United States [ROOM M] - Madeline Zehnder (University of Virginia) Prof. Sonia Hazard (Florida State University) Prof. Marie Stango (Idaho State University)   ()
18:00 --- BREAK ---
18:15 Against Stay-At-Home Book History: National, Transnational, and Global Dynamics [ROOM C] - Dr Mark Danley (United States Military Academy) Dr Linde M. Brocato (University of Miami Libraries) Dr Ross Karlan (Geffen Academy, UCLA)   ()
18:15 Defining Publication: Literary and Legal Landscapes; Or, What We Talk about When We Define Publication [ROOM Y] - Prof. Emily Spunaugle (Oakland University) Dr Michelle Levy (Simon Fraser University) Dr Emily Friedman (Auburn University)   ()
18:15 Sorry, I'm Booked This Evening: A Roundtable Discussion of Reality TV as Text, Object, Cultural Transaction, and Experience [ROOM K] - Ms Marie Léger-St-Jean (Independent Scholar) Ms Colleen Barrett (University of Kentucky) Laura Ann Ntoumanis Dr Hélène Huet (University of Florida)   ()
18:15 The Modernist Archives Publishing Project [ROOM M] - Dr Amara Thornton (University College London (UCL)) Dr Elizabeth Willson Gordon (King's University, Edmonton) Nicola Wilson (University of Reading) Dr Claire Battershill (University of Toronto) Helena Clarkson (University of Reading)   ()
19:15 --- BREAK ---
Plenary session - Danielle Fuller (University of Alberta) Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (University of Glasgow) (until 21:00) ()
19:30 Singing Textbooks, Living Documents, Digital Stories: Perspectives on Moving Texts and Travelling Tales from the Global South - Danielle Fuller (University of Alberta) Stanley Griffin Jacinta Beckwith (University of Otago Library) Chao Tayiana Padmini Ray Murray Prof. Archie Dick (University of Pretoria) Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (University of Glasgow)   ()
Networking and socializing - Jan Hillgärtner Ellen Barth Dr Vincent Trott (SHARP Secretary) (until 22:30) ()
12:00 Books and Borrowing: An Analysis of Scottish Borrowers’ Registers, 1750-1830: Early Research Findings [ROOM C] - Dr Matthew Sangster (University of Glasgow) Alex Deans (University of Stirling) Dr Kit Baston (University of Glasgow) Dr Gerard Lee McKeever (University of Stirling) Katie Halsey (University of Stirling)   ()
12:00 Selling Books in Challenging Times [ROOM Y] - Dr Samantha Rayner (University College London) Eben Muse (Bangor University) Dr Will Smith (Sam Read Bookseller)   ()
13:00 --- BREAK ---
14:00 Literary Agents: from Discovery to the World [ROOM Y] - Mr John D. Raimo (New York University) Prof. Gisèle Sapiro (EHESS (Paris)) Mr Tristan Leperlier (CNRS) Dr Delia Guijarro Arribas (EHESS) Ms Lilas Bass (EHESS) Prof. Cécile Cottenet (Aix-Marseille Université )   ()
14:00 Social Textworking: Books, Readers, and Online Media [ROOM M] - Micah Bateman (University of Iowa) Jennifer Burek Pierce (University of Iowa) Katherine Bode (Australian National University) Melanie Walsh (Cornell University)   ()
14:00 Swapping Audiences: Adapting texts for Great Britain and Spain between the 15th and 17th centuries [ROOM C] - Alexandra Wingate (Indiana University Bloomington) Andrea Reyes Elizondo (Leiden University) Dr Marian Toledo Candelaria (Rare Book School)   ()
15:00 --- BREAK ---
15:30 From Reprizing to Deprizing: Reimagining Literary Awards in the Library [ROOM C] - Emil Lawrence (Rutgers University) Diana Floegel (Rutgers University) Julie Aromi (Rutgers University)   ()
15:30 Moving Archives Online: Expanding Access, Increasing Visibility, and Changing Scholarship within Archival and Special Collections [ROOM Y] - Dr Brian Shetler (Princeton Theological Seminary Library) Candace Reilly (Methodist Library & Special Collections, Drew University) Christina Connor (Ramapo College, New Jersey (USA))   ()
16:30 --- BREAK ---
17:00 Queer/ing Book History Roundtable [ROOM Y] - Kadin Henningsen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Vance Byrd (Grinnell College) Javier Samper Vendrell (Grinnell College) Ela Przybylo (Illinois State University)   ()
17:00 Transmedia Beyond Definitions [ROOM C] - Alessio Antonini (Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University) Dr Sam Brooker (Richmond University) Dr Francesca Benatti (The Open University) Dr Towheed Shafquat (The Open University)   ()
18:30 --- BREAK ---
19:30 Books Beyond Borders: Resistance in Typography and Literary Forms from India to Indonesia [ROOM K] - Lisa Kuitert (University of Amsterdam) Dr Priti Joshi (University of Puget Sound) Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State University)   ()
19:30 Early Modern Japanese Martyr Books: From East to West [ROOM C] - Dr Andrew Keener (Santa Clara University) Dr Jorge Mojarro (University of Santo Tomas) Ms Kelci Baughman McDowell (Santa Clara University)   ()
19:30 Practices of moving texts: a roundtable on the history of information [ROOM M] - Prof. Frederic Clark (USC) Prof. Paul Duguid (UC Berkeley) Prof. Ann Blair (Harvard University) Prof. Lisa Gitelman (New York University) Dr Zur Shalev (University of Haifa) Mrs Erin McGuirl (Bibliographical Society of America) Dr Christian Flow (USC, Society of Fellows) Dr Devin Fitzgerald (UCLA Libraries)   ()
19:30 Rejecting “Big Dick Data”: Data Intimacy in Large-Scale Book History Projects [ROOM Y] - Dr Kandice Sharren (Simon Fraser University) Dr Kate Ozment (Cal Poly Pomona) Dr Kirstyn Leuner (Santa Clara University)   ()
20:30 --- BREAK ---
21:00 Cultural Translation in Digital Environments [ROOM Y] - Dr Zack Lischer-Katz (University of Arizona, School of Information) Iulian Vamanu (University of Iowa School of Library and Information Science) Dr Alan Galey (University of Toronto)   ()
21:00 Fearsome Intermediaries: perceptions of distortion and control of moving texts [ROOM C] - Meghan O'Neill Laura Dietz (Anglia Ruskin University) Dr Leah Henrickson (University of Leeds)   ()
21:00 Women of the Left Bank and Beyond: Cultural Mediators across the Atlantic [ROOM M] - Joshua Kotin Laurence Cossu-Beaumont Anne Quinney Cécile Cottenet (Aix-Marseille Université) Sara Kippur (Trinity College)   ()
12:00 Digital Audiobooks: Moving Texts and Readers [ROOM Y] - Dr Julia Pennlert (Borås University) Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen (Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark) Sara Tanderup Linkis (Lund University)   ()
12:00 Digitising Two Centuries of Indian Print: Implications for Decolonisation and Digital Research [ROOM C] - Dr Priyanka Basu (The British Library) Mr Tom Derrick (The British Library) Nicole Merkel-Hilf (Heidelberg University)   ()
13:00 --- BREAK ---
14:00 ECCO is dead! Long Live ECCO! [ROOM Y] - Molly Hardy ( Prof. Leo Lahti (University of Turku) Prof. Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki University) Stephen H. Gregg (Bath Spa University)   ()
14:00 Readers, Editors, Bookmakers: Creative Reading and Texts in Motion from Early to Modern [ROOM M] - Prof. Sarah Bull (Ryerson University) Ms Eileen Horansky (Yale University) Mr Ben Fried (Cornell University) Ms Renske Hoff (University of Groningen) Prof. Laura Fiss (Michigan Technological University)   ()
14:00 Reading and Inclusivity in the digital age: the role of intermediaries in fostering reading cultures in African nations [ROOM C] - Dr Marianne Martens (Kent State University School of Information) Dr Joseph Kavulya (Chuka University ) Dr Bronwen Thomas (Bournemouth University ) Dr Grace Malgwi (American University of Nigeria )   ()
15:00 --- BREAK ---
15:30 Movable Type: Experiments in Typographic Verisimilitude from the 16th to the 21st Century [ROOM C] - Dr Georgina Wilson (University of Cambridge) Dr James Misson (University of Geneva) Dr Allison Fagan (James Madison University)   ()
15:30 SHARP Copyright History Research Lab 1 [ROOM Y] - Will Slauter (Sorbonne Université) Peter Schneck (Osnabrueck University) Nora Slonimsky (Iona College) Soumyajit Basu (Birkbeck, University of London) Nora Ramtke (Ruhr-University of Bochum)   ()
16:30 --- BREAK ---
17:00 Catalogues, Membership Lists and Borrowing Records: Library Ephemera as a Source for Studying Readership [ROOM C] - Dr Rindert Jagersma (Radboud University Nijmegen) Dr Max Skjönsberg (University of Liverpool) Sophie Jones (University of Liverpool)   ()
17:30 Benefits and limits of DH approach to past and present readers' access and response to texts [ROOM Y] - Cheryl Knott (University of Arizona) Prof. Nathalie Richard (Le Mans Université) Brigitte Ouvry-Vial (Le Mans Université) Dr José de Kruif (Utrecht University) Dr Michael Wögerbauer (ICL, Czeck Academy of Sciences, Prague)   ()
17:30 Brooks’s Books: Historicizing Designs of Twentieth-Century Black Poetry [ROOM M] - Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (University of Glasgow) Kinohi Nishikawa (Princeton University) Amanda Lastoria (Simon Fraser University)   ()
18:30 --- BREAK ---
19:30 Copyright History, Book History, and Art History: An Interdisciplinary Conversation [ROOM M] - Elena Cooper (University of Glasgow School of Law) Marie-Stéphanie Delamaire (Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library) Ian Gadd (Bath Spa University) Will Slauter (Sorbonne Université) Katie Scott (Courtauld Institute of Art) Oren Bracha (University of Texas School of Law)   ()
19:30 Pseudotranslation and Representations of the Americas [ROOM C] - Prof. Richard Newhauser (Arizona State University) Maria Barrera-Agarwal (Independent scholar) Rachel Leket-Mor (Arizona State University Library)   ()
19:30 Rediscovering Maria Hack and Jane Marcet: A Bibliographic and Biographic Case Study of Two Science Writers in 19th Century Britain [ROOM Y] - Dr Alan Rauch (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) Suzan Alteri (California State University Fresno) Dr Rebekah Fitzsimmons (Carnegie Mellon University)   ()
19:30 Spatial Disruptions: A Roundtable on Comics Studies as Book History [ROOM K] - Dr Samantha Langsdale (University of California, Berkeley) Dr John Edward Martin (University of North Texas) Dr Spencer Keralis (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) Dr Cait Coker (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   ()
20:30 --- BREAK ---
21:00 SHARP Annual General Meeting - Shef Rogers (University of Otago) Will Slauter (Sorbonne Université)   ()
12:00 Digitising, Identifying and Delivering Special Collections material at the Bodleian Libraries [ROOM Y] - Alexander Hitchman (Bodleian Libraries) Ian Gadd Ruth Turvey (Bodleian Libraries)   ()
12:00 Perils and Pleasures: Leisure, Instruction, and Reading in 19th Century India [CANCELED] - Swati Moitra (University of Calcutta) Ms Farha Noor (University of Heidelberg) Dr Priyanka Basu (The British Library)   ()
13:00 --- BREAK ---
14:00 Addressing Accessibility: Artists’ Books and Ephemera in Libraries [ROOM M] - Na'ama Zussman Gabrielle Dean (Johns Hopkins University) Louisa Preston   ()
14:00 Advocate, Critic, Surrogate: Literary Translators as Intermediaries in 20th-Century Canadian and American Publishing [ROOM Y] - Sal Robinson Susan Pickford Prof. Ruth Panofsky   ()
14:00 Moving Texts in the Romantic Theatre: Mediation, Exchange, Circulation [ROOM C] - Cassidy Holahan (University of Pennsylvania) Dr Deven Parker (Queen Mary University of London) Lisa Maruca (Wayne State University)   ()
15:00 --- BREAK ---
15:15 @readers #currentlyreading in digital environments 1: Influencers, Celebrities, Young Adult Readers [ROOM C] - Dr Federico Pianzola (University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy) Ms Kate Stuart (Bangor University, Wales) Prof. DeNel Rehberg Sedo (Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada) Ms Angelina Eimannsberger (University of Pennsylvania, USA) Prof. Bronwen Thomas (Bournemouth University, UK) Danielle Fuller (University of Alberta, Canada)   ()
15:15 Digital Pedagogy Roundtable: Remixing, Remediating, and Augmenting Books [ROOM Y] - Dr Emily Brooks (Coastal Carolina University) Andie Silva (York College/CUNY) Dr Jeff Allred (Hunter College)   ()
16:15 --- BREAK ---
Plenary session - Corinna Norrick-Rühl (English Department, Chair of Book Studies) (until 18:30) ()
16:30 Moving Texts Across the Gap: Independent Booksellers and Underserved Readers - Alison Newman Cary Suneja Dr Lee Francis IV Cetonia Weston-Roy   ()
18:00 Conference Closing - Prof. Corinna Norrick-Rühl (English Department, Chair of Book Studies)   ()