Law and Literature in Europe / Recht und Literatur in Europa

from Monday, 17 October 2022 (10:00) to Wednesday, 19 October 2022 (18:00)
Münster (Schloss)

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17 Oct 2022
18 Oct 2022
19 Oct 2022
Begrüßung/Welcome (until 10:30) (Schloss, Aula)
Key Note (until 11:30) (Schloss, Aula)
10:30 Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Grimm: Europa ja - aber welches? - Oliver Lepsius   (Schloss, Aula)
11:30 --- Kaffeepause ---
Sektion 4 - Alfred Sproede (until 11:00) (Schloss, Aula)
09:00 Oliver Bach - »Die alten Formen passen nicht«. Achim von Arnims Auseinandersetzung mit Friedrich Carl von Savignys. Vom Beruf unserer Zeit für Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft in den Briefen 1814–1819   (Schloss, Aula)
09:30 Andrzej Belczyk-Kohl - Nationalisierung als Ordnungsmacht. Postkoloniale Differenz und rechtsphilosophischer Streit im Diskurs der nationalen Präsenz   (Schloss, Aula)
10:00 Davor Beganović - Ein Anwalt europäischer Werte vor Gericht. Miroslav Krležas Roman Ohne mich. Eine einsame Revolution   (Schloss, Aula)
Sektion 5 - Norbert Oberauer (until 11:00) (Schloss, Festsaal)
09:00 Ivana Perica - Contemporary political novel in Europe: liberal democracy and the rule of law   (Schloss, Festsaal)
09:30 Chiara Crescioli - The harmonisation of cybercrime legislation in the EU: a special focus on the Italian and German recent legal reforms   (Schloss, Festsaal)
10:00 Fryderyk Zoll - Is translation really present in the legislative process of the EU? The Challenges of “Intertextuality” of EU-law   (Schloss, Festsaal)
10:30 Enrico Andreoli - Travelling Al Sur de Granada: A Methodological Journey Between Comparative Law and Literature   (Schloss, Festsaal)
11:00 --- Kaffeepause/Coffee break ---
Key Note: Prof. Dr. Gareth Griffiths - Europe’s Others, Other Europes - Klaus Stierstorfer (until 12:30) (Schloss)
Sektion 8 - Regina Grundmann (until 11:00) (Schloss, Aula)
09:00 Piotr Pilarczyk - Old law and legal culture in the literature of Polish Romanticism   (Schloss, Aula)
09:30 Lotte van den Bosch - Mediators as the founding fathers of literary autonomy in law: the case of Ernst Polak   (Schloss, Aula)
10:00 Lina L. Blank - Legal autonomy of literature in the mirror of Dutch Parliamentary Debates   (Schloss, Aula)
10:30 Lior Weinstein - Disphoric European Hebrew Literature and expressive power of EU law   (Schloss, Aula)
11:00 --- Kaffeepause/Coffee break ---
Key Note: Prof. Dr. Cassandra Sharp - The cultural legalities of social media in Australia and Europe: narrative comparatives during a crisis - Peter Schneck (until 12:30) (Schloss)
Sektion 1 -Prof. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf (Germanistisches Institut Münster) (until 13:30) (Schloss, Aula)
12:00 Alina Wolski - Von Europa erzählen   (Schloss, Aula)
12:30 David Österle - Zur kulturpolitischen Funktion und Wirkung von europäischen Literaturpreisen   (Schloss, Aula)
13:00 Christoph Schuch - Europäischer Traum im Kapitalismus – Sybille Bergs “GRM“ als Rechts- und Sozialstaatskritik   (Schloss, Aula)
Sektion 2 - Petra Pohlmann (until 13:30) (Schloss, Festsaal)
12:00 Rabea Conrad - Titus' Rome and Shakespeare's England - The 'tragic' conflict between common and civil law   (Schloss, Festsaal)
12:30 Zehra Haliloğlu - Law and Minority Rights in Shakespeare’s Proto-Capitalist Venice   (Schloss, Festsaal)
13:00 Franziska Quabeck - Blood on the continent. Or: What is a gentleman?   (Schloss, Festsaal)
13:30 --- Mittagessen/Lunch ---
Sektion 3 - Laura Zander (until 16:30) (Schloss, Aula)
14:30 Sidia Fiorato - Children and Young Adults in Brexitland   (Schloss, Aula)
15:00 Marco Wan - Legal Orientalism and the Idea of Europe in Dai Sijie’s Balzac et la petite tailleuse chinoise   (Schloss, Aula)
15:30 Eberhard Ortland - Präsentation der Online-Enzyklopädie „Recht und Literatur“ des SFB 1385   (Schloss, Aula)
17:00 --- Bustransfer nach Schloss Nordkirchen / Bus transfer to Nordkirchen Castle ---
12:30 --- Mittagessen/Lunch ---
Sektion 6 -Prof. Peter Schneck (until 16:00) (Schloss, Aula)
14:00 Shulamit Almog - Athena as a Mediating Judge   (Schloss, Aula)
14:30 Jan B. Gordon - Vox Populi v. Codified law – An Amicus Curiae Brief   (Schloss, Aula)
15:00 Ralf Grüttemeier - Mapping literary trials. What archives and lawyers can and cannot do about the dearth of evidence   (Schloss, Aula)
15:30 Kieran Dolin - European Law and Literature: Australian Perspectives   (Schloss, Aula)
16:00 --- Kaffeepause/Coffee break ---
Sektion 7 - Klaus Stierstorfer (until 18:30) (Schloss, Aula)
16:30 Michael Chukwukwaluka Uyanne and Oziomachukwu Akunna Ajemba - Shakespearean Discourse and Evolution of Law   (Schloss, Aula)
16:45 Adaoma Igwedibia and Onyebuchi James Ile - D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Legal Overreach in Its Ban: A Study of the Implications of Law in Literature   (Schloss, Aula)
17:00 Onyebuchi James Ile and Solomon Onyema Osekene - European Laws and Their Discursive Formations in Nigerian Literature: A Study of Soyinka’s ‘Death and The King’s Horseman’, Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ and ‘Arrow of God’   (Schloss, Aula)
17:15 Ngozi Ezenwa-Ohaeto - Incidents of European Legal intervention and the Traumatic Effects on The Extant Igbo Law: A Critical Study of Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ and ‘Arrow of God’   (Schloss, Aula)
17:30 Aisha Sani Maikudi - European Union Integration Post Brexit   (Schloss, Aula)
17:45 Owojecho Omoha - Law and Poetry: Capture Theory, Law and the Poetry of Wole Soyinka   (Schloss, Aula)
18:00 Mua’zu Abdullahi Saulawa - The Application of Europe Literature Towards the Development of Cybercrime Law   (Schloss, Aula)
Lesung/Lecture: Tanja Maljartschuk - Europa, Recht und Literatur – Ukrainische Perspektiven (until 21:00) (Studiobühne)
12:30 --- Mittagessen/Lunch ---