Symposium: Design-Based Research in English Language Education

Friday, 10 June 2022 - 09:00
WWU (ES226)

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10 Jun 2022
Begrüßung - Jens-Folkert Folkerts Philipp Siepmann Frauke Matz (until 09:15) (ES226)
09:15 Keynote Susan McKenney: Design-Based Research in Foreign Language Education   (ES226)
10:15 --- Coffee break ---
10:30 Jens-Folkert Folkerts: Getting Started in DBR   (ES226)
11:00 Svenja Haberland: Integrating Multilingual Didactics into University Teacher Training in Romance Languages - Design and Empirical Testing a Theory-Based Intervention According to The Principles of DBR   (ES226)
11:30 Larena Schäfer: Towards Direct Ownership of Designs - Insights Into Different Teacher Roles in Designing and Implementing Materials for the EFL Classroom   (ES226)
12:00 --- Lunch Break ---
13:00 Janine Bruns and Philipp Siepmann: Building Strong Research-Practice Partnerships: Insights From a DBR Project on Oral Communication Exams in the EFL Classroom   (ES226)
13:45 Michael Rogge: DBR in the Second Phase of Teacher Education   (ES226)
14:30 --- Coffee Break and Informal Exchange ---
15:00 Discussion and Outlook: Aims: - to lay the groundwork for future collaboration / a (DGFF) workgroup - to enhance visibility of DBR in foreign language research - to establish a common knowledge base for (possible) methodological standards   (ES226)
Verabschiedung - Frauke Matz Jens-Folkert Folkerts Philipp Siepmann (until 16:15) (ES226)