PhD Hospitality Network -


TARGET GROUP: doctoral candidates
ORGANISER: WWU Graduate Centre
COORDINATOR: Sabine Schneider

The housing situation in Münster is very difficult and adds an extra hurdle at the beginning of the PhD – in particular for those coming from abroad. Therefore, we would like to ask you to help us help international doctoral candidates.

Our plan is to establish a network of doctoral candidates, who would like to support their newly arrived peers with a couch or another accommodation opportunity or house hunting support. In case you are not familiar with this principle, listen up: you provide a sleeping space to someone just for a few days (you decide how long). That sleeping space can be anything from a spare bed to a couch. If you have some extra room, a sleeping couch, would like to sublet your room (now or in the future), have any contacts regarding an available apartment, or some energy to support a peer looking for accommodation, we appreciate if you sign up for our network so we can contact you.

This temporary solution is a good opportunity to help and give back to others!

Registration is open throughout the year. You can de-register from the network at any time.

WWU Graduate Centre
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